How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A rhetorical analysis essay evaluates a particular literary fragment or piece of art based on a writer’s subjective ideas or opinion. Different types exist, and these range from films, television shows to scholarly essays. Knowledge and skill in the conventional essay or critical analysis will allow you to write a rhetorical analysis essay easily.

Steps in Writing a Rhetorical Analysis Essay

You always have a limited period to write a rhetorical analysis essay, so endeavor to spend it well.

  • Carefully read the prompt. Begin by slowly reading the prompt and focus on details.
  • Highlight the focal queries for analysis and the critical claims to refute or prove.
  • Make notes on the author’s full name, reasons for publishing, goals, setting, authors plan, text, and target audience.
  • It would help if you also outlined the author’s persuasion strategy, as this will form a critical aspect of your essay.
  • Finally, demonstrate the author’s original approach in impacting the three main elements; pathos, logos, and ethos.

Ethos. It entails everything ethics and explains the reasons for trusting or not trusting the presenter. For example, “Soccer coaches’ world over vouch for these specific leg exercises.”

Pathos. It encompasses emotions. You need to develop an emotional response to influence the audience. For example, “The freshly invented vaccine will be effective because of the X component other vaccines lack.”

Logos. It stipulates rational thinking with an emphasis on reason. For example, “Millions of eras of history attest to how power perverts’ humans.”

A Summary of a Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

  • Title. Your topic should be captivating to draw in the audience
  • Introduction. You need to introduce your title effectively. Ensure your introduction has a rousing hook, such as a quote or a fact to draw in your reader. Formulate an individual opinion and craft a well-thought thesis statement. Make sure to put these at the introductory end.
  • Body paragraphs. You should have the utmost three paragraphs within the body of your essay. Each paragraph should contain an introductory topic sentence that discusses the thesis statement and concludes with real-life samples and proof of sources. Expound the workings of the strategy chosen and the reason the author chose the particular approach. It also includes the strategy’s influence on the audience. Remember to use proper references.
  • Conclusion. Review the core points, assess the influence of analyzed pieces on the society, make a forecast, and use different words to repeat the thesis. Conclude by stating the value of the reading to the audience and give reasons.

Sample Title List for Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Are you stuck on picking a title for your rhetorical essay topic? Don’t worry, as this list will inspire you.

  • Assessing the influence of Poehler Amy’s “Yes, Please.”
  • An in-depth examination of “Iron Mill’s Life.”
  • Explanations why the film “The Great Gatsby” was successful
  • Why is “Prejudice and Pride” still significant today?
  • How different and similar are “The Odyssey” and “Beowulf”?
  • A rhetorical examination based on Shakespeare’s plays.
  • The Hamlet character analysis
  • The covered main themes of the film “The Troy.”
  • The Bible’s worth from a literary viewpoint
  • Summary and examination of Lamott Anne’s “Traveling Mercies.”
  • Opinions on “A State among States”
  • MCU movies centered on Marvel cartoons
  • “Essay Piece on Man”: How the author displays different animals
  • The subject of allegiance in a US authors’ volume
  • “Harry Potter”: comprehensive plot analysis.


You need to grasp all the components that make an excellent rhetorical analysis essay to write one. The provided tips on the writing steps, the outline, and sample essay titles for a rhetorical analysis essay will position you as a professional writer. It will also enable you to score excellent grades in your test.

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