How to write a Speech or Narrative Essay

A speech or narrative essay tells a story. It comes from personal experience. Made up of works of non-fiction, it follows a chronological continuation of events and shape close to the truth. Writers use narratives to relate experiences and also engage readers. With this, one can give the description an emotional appeal. It can be humorous or serious, but the bid required provides the audience with something to connect within the story.

How to construct the essay

Like other essays, narratives follow the same outline. Some magazines use long-format writing, which is usually a page long while others are short. But regardless of the format you use. Maintain the same outline.

  • Introduction: The opening part of the essay. This paragraph contains a hook. It captures the attention of readers.
  • Body: Usually, three paragraphs to five paragraphs; it is the heart of the essay. Each section contains one example, such as a story or a noteworthy event, which supports the more significant theme.
  • Conclusion: The last paragraph. Sum up your main points to bring the essay to a close. In the end, some writers embellish it with a takeaway or epilogue.

Choosing Essay Topics

It might be the most complicated part of the essay. When choosing a topic, you are looking for something that you easily remember and articulate it in an organized, well-developed essay. Below are some items that you can look at to spark ideas when you are choosing your topic.

  • Most embarrassing experience
  • The most memorable event I have experienced
  • My first day at school
  • My worst date
  • A life-changing encounter.
  • A strange encounter
  • Is technology worth it
  • A dangerous experience
  • The most memorable journey.
  • Encounter with the person I am afraid of the most.
  • An event where you experienced rejection
  • A Visit to the large city
  • The worst misunderstanding, I have ever had
  • Some appearances are deceiving 
  • The most challenging resolution that you ever made
  • An occurrence that turned my life around.
  • A most incredible encounter with somebody in authority
  • Act of courage
  • Brush with death
  • Standing for the essential things
  • An experience that changed your perception of somebody
  • My dream trips
  • A childhood vacation trip 
  • A fictional travel story.
  • My first time moving away from home
  • Two stories, one event
  • The day everything went wrong
  • The day everything went alright.
  • The funniest experience
  • An experience of when you got lost
  • How you Survived a big disaster
  • The day you discovered something significant
  • An encounter with a momentous occasion
  • A description of a secret place
  • A story of how you would be if you were animal
  • My dream career and what that means
  • An invention that you have made.
  • The moment you found out your parents are right
  • My earliest memory
  • The day I received the best news about my life
  • Something you cannot live without


Since it uses anecdotes from the writer’s story, writing a narrative essay is easy to write. But to add on to this, you need to ensure you have put all the measures in place. It will enable you to produce a thoughtful essay. The topics noted above are to spark ideas if you are looking to write an essay. Carefully select a topic that sparks your interest, even if you are going to use help from essay writing service. With the above list, you are now capable of writing the best essay.

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