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SEO optimised content writing is definitely not a new art form. It started off from the very birth of the simplest search engines, and could be performed by any monkey that could copy out a list of keywords.

In today’s modern world however the search engines are smart, keyword meta tags are now practically irrelevant and anything from poor grammar to poor English can cause huge harm to your Search Engine Rankings.

Clearview Writing has been set up to provide expert advise and SEO optimised content for today’s website owner, and with a consumer market worth billions surfing the Internet each year making sure your website is well recognised by the search engines is quite simply the most important thing to consider when building your website.

So what do you get when you buy Content, SEO optimisation or Sales Copy from Clearview Writing?

  • 100% Unique Content
  • Well Researched Content
  • Content Built to Your specifications
  • Keyword Optimised
  • Correct Grammar and Spelling (Very Rare with Overseas Writers)
  • Free Redraft if You are Unhappy.

Of course our prices are higher than the cent a word sellers from India and East Asia, but I can guarantee you that their work may drop your search engine score, put off potential customers and overall harm your business.

In this world you quite simply get what you pay for, you can decide to spend $2 and get drivel that is useful for nothing or you can pay $20 and get something that will draw customers for the next ten years!

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  • 1 Patrick Carpen // Aug 7, 2009 at 10:10 am


    I would like a recipes ebook of vegan recipes (no cover needed). I need at least one hundred vegan recipes in the book (if possible).

    How much will you charge for this compilation?
    Please let me know.

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